Jun 2005
Awesome party
Liz's birthday was a blast. We ate and danced the afternoon and night away. Check out the videos on the Liz's 50th tab (removed).

Today in History:
06/26 Brian Somers born in Dundrum, Dublin, Ireland, 1967
06/26 Battle of Gettysburg, 1863
06/26 St. Lawrence Seaway dedicated by Eisenhower & Queen Elizabeth II, 1959
06/26 Toothbrush invented, 1498
in denver
So far, so good. The weather in Denver is spectacular, and it has been great to get an opportunity to relax.

Today in History:
06/23 Alan Mathison Turing born, 1912
06/23 IBM unbundles software, 1969
06/23 Turing's Birthday, 1912
06/23 Slavery abolished in England, 1772
06/23 Wedding of Ellesar & Arwen (LOTR)
06/23 National Holiday in Luxembourg

The delayed stock quote for AAPL is: 38.9

The delayed stock quote for INT is: 23.85
from the portland
zoe and soren say hello from the portland airport.

soren: i am going to say hi to dad in just a second.

zoe: happy father's day again.

anne: let's get on the the plane!

Today in History:
06/19 Charlie Root born in Portland, Oregon, United States, 1993
06/19 Julius and Ethel Rosenberg are executed in Sing-Sing prison, 1953
06/19 Lizzie Bordon acquitted, 1893
06/19 Artigas Birthday in Uruguay
06/19 Emancipation Day in Texas
06/19 Labor Day in Trinidad and Tobago
06/19 Revolution Day in Algeria
now i have it
okay, so i think i finally got mys sofware working, and now i can update this more easily. the cable guy came, zoe is in the park playing with kim and her sister (adults), and soren is vegging in front of the tube.

Today in History:
06/17 Tilman Linneweh born in Weinheim, Baden-Wuertemberg, Germany, 1978
06/17 China explodes its first Hydrogen bomb, 1967
06/17 Watergate Democratic National Committee break-in, 1972
06/17 Bunker Hill Day in Suffolk County, Massachusetts
06/17 Independence Day in Iceland

The delayed stock quote for AAPL is: 38.31
waiting for the cable guy
why is it that one must sit at the doctor's office for 1.5 hours to see the doctor for 3 minutes, and pay the doctor hundreds per hour? on the same day, why must one wait four hours for a 30 minutes visit from the cable company? just a few questions i find myself asking on this dreary portland day.